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Geri Quintero, L.Ac has over 30 years experience in Natural Medicine and is here to help you get to the roots of your vibrant health!  She received a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, from Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, California. Geri is an Certified GAPS Diet Practitioner, and an accomplished herbalist and enjoys treating a wide range of people from infants to the elderly. She specializes in pediatric asthma and allergies, pain resolution, and women’s health.

Geri is also a Certified Thermographic Technician, and runs the Northern Lights Thermal Imaging at the Yreka Healing Arts Center.  Medical Infrared Breast Thermography is available in Yreka, providing women with the opportunity to detect cancer markers early enough to cleanse and clear before it actually forms into a mass large enough to show up in other physical exams.  See “Infrared Thermography” for more information.


Are you in pain, tired, and frustrated with chronic health problems that have not resolved with past attempts at treatment? Is your current state of health is preventing you from enjoying life and doing the things you love? If so, now is a good time to do something about it! Time to give Natural Traditional Medicine a try.

Acupuncture is a gentle, natural and effective way to deal with many of today’s health problems. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine treats the root cause of your condition while also treating the symptoms, so you can get well and stay well.

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Geri Quintero at Yreka Healing Arts Center

Located in beautiful downtown Yreka, California, just 25 miles north of Mount Shasta.



Located in beautiful downtown Yreka, California, just 25 miles north of Mount Shasta.

Address:   229 W. Miner St, Yreka, CA

Phone:  (530) 842-1000

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A word from Geri's client...


Geri works miracles for me.  I have been a faithful patient for almost two years.  She has lifted me out of the depths of weakness and poor health caused by diabetes and the treatments used in “western” medicine.  I continue to improve and am once again enjoying my life.  I am grateful that I found Geri and her healing gift when I needed them.  I would recommend her to anyone in need.”  –  Sharonne T., Yreka, Ca.