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Get the lead out of your cookware!

While many of us already know, it is imperative for health reasons to change out our old plastic food storage containers and plastic water bottles to TEMPERED GLASS, I never knew until just a few months ago that most dishware, glassware, and crockpots have lead in them!!

Needless to say, as I’ve been getting more and more into cleaning up my and my patients’ diets, I wondered why am I eating and cooking in leaded kitchen ware?!  Here’s blogging to change this in your kitchen!

First stop, crock pots. Here I am having my beloved patients slow cooking their bone stock, chicken soups and other nourishing foods, and I really do hope their crocks do not have lead in them, but from all the newest research, they most likely do. VitaClay® to the rescue!! These all natural clay crock pots enhance the full flavor of food while helping make nutritious and healthful slow cooked meals for you and your family…Without the lead!! This cookware is mineral-rich, chemical-free, lead-free and no non-stick coatings!

I recommend the simpler VitaClay 2-in-1 Rice N’ Slow Cooker (8 cup) VF7700-8 (not smart) for emf reasons. I’ll blog about ‘smart’ meters and appliances later.

Next stop, eating ware. I have changed most of my dishes, glasses and cups to “Tempered Glass” that I have found at various thrift stores.  You need to see on the bottom of the glassware Made in France, Italy, or Germany…I am sure other countries make them also, but at this point I don’t know how to identify them securely. I’ll let you know.  I have also ordered through “Mighty Nest”, a wonderful web business that sells non-toxic cookware, toys, water bottles and so much more.

Thanks for reading my first blog on this website, and I wish you a Warm and Joyous Holiday Season!

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