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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placement of things in your home, office, garden or other living space in the “Microcosm”, and of geographical, geological placement of mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, and even stars in the “Macrocosm”.   The placement and quality of furniture, plants, paintings, decorations and even your clutter all effect the feelings and health of the inhabitants of the space, be it your home, bedroom, bathroom, or office.   In ancient China, when called on, the doctors would first visit the family home to remedy anything out of order and grace in the home before ever using acupuncture or herbal remedies.

A general starting point for most people I consult with is fix anything that you need in your home that is broken.  Like furniture, plumbing, squeaky doors, windows, etc.  Also, CLEAN UP THAT CLUTTER!!  A rule of thumb for Feng Shui health is to get rid of anything that you don’t use regularly or love dearly.

Here is a Q & A relating to Geri’s practice of Feng Shui which may help you understand this art.

Q:   Can you give me an example of how Feng Shui has helped one of your patient’s health?

A:  Yes, many.  Here are a few… # 1)  In Acupuncture school we had a parent bring a young child in who cried a lot at night and would not sleep well (actually, I saw this quite a few times).  Our teacher would encourage the parent to move the child’s bed, and this more often than not would take care of the insomniac child.  # 2)  A young mother came to me complaining of her young son, age 9, and his anti-social, mean outbursts in school and at home.  I went to look their home over and found a picture of some zebras in a prominent place in the boy’s bedroom.  If you know anything about zebras, they are very mean, cantankerous animals who pick on others in the herd.  I suggested they replace the picture, which they did, to a gentle painting of a mother horse and her colt, and the boy soon settled down and became more sociable!  # 3) Same child, whose classroom emotional climate was very restless, bordering on chaotic.  The teacher complained that this was a particularly difficult class of mostly boys, fighting, quarreling, talking out of turn, which no amount of consequences seemed to effect…I studied the classroom and immediately spotted the 5 heavy beams, natural dark wood, looming above the children’s heads on the ceiling…which in Feng Shui is a big “no-no”.  The kinetic or potential energy in these dark beams over a classroom (or any room!) is very menacing, threatening to fall – even though they are totally securely fastened and supported, it’s the “energetics” of the placement which takes effect on our psyche, and was causing this class to act out their disturbed and agitated minds.  We painted the beams white to match and blend into the ceiling, and Ouala!!  The kids settled down significantly, much to the relief of both teacher and parents!  # 4)  Another heavy beam story.  A patient of mine came in with excruciating back pain which had been going on for years.  He had tried everything including morphine patches.  Nothing worked.  The acupuncture worked for a month or so and he swore I walked on water.  Bummer, that in a month after he began treatments the pain came back with a vengeance.  After trying everything I had up my sleeve to alleviate his pain with no luck, I asked to visit his home after inquiring about any beams over his bed.  As he put it “Yes, and it couldn’t be a bigger beam unless I was sleeping under a bridge.”  Sure enough a huge wooden beam ran straight through the ceiling directly above his bed.  Since the whole A frame home donned a wooden ceiling, it would be almost impossible to paint the entire ceiling white.  One suggestion was the possibility of putting colorful cloth to drape under the beams as a “remedy”, but the best thing would have to been to move the bedroom to a corner of the house away from this beam, or to move residence.


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