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Cupping & Moxabustion


Cupping is a vital part of Chinese Medicine which is actually a vanishing art.  Geri has had extensive training and experience in cupping and utilizes it regularly in her practice.  Small glass or plastic cups are used either with fire (glass) or hand pump (plastic cups) to create a vacum within the cup.  The cup then is then placed carefully onto the skin, mostly on back points and as local suction is created on the skin, this mobilizes blood flow to the local area stimulating healing and pain relief.


Moxa is an herbal treatment utilizing sticks of prepared mugwort lit like a cigar and held locally over points to heat the acupuncture points, stimulating warmth, circulation, and deep healing.  Moxa pots are small vessels which contain slow burning loose moxa and warm usually the digestive abdominal points or the kidney area of the low back.


Located in beautiful downtown Yreka, California, just 25 miles north of Mount Shasta.

Address:   229 W Miner St, Yreka, CA

Phone:  (530) 842-1000


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A word from Geri's client...


Geri works miracles for me.  I have been a faithful patient for almost two years.  She has lifted me out of the depths of weakness and poor health caused by diabetes and the treatments used in “western” medicine.  I continue to improve and am once again enjoying my life.  I am grateful that I found Geri and her healing gift when I needed them.  I would recommend her to anyone in need.”  –  Sharonne T., Yreka, Ca.