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Traveling is only fun for me if I find real soup to nourish myself on the road these days.  It’s hard, but not impossible.  This photo was taken in Tijuana, Mexico when I went to the “Biological Dentist” there and got the mercury taken out of my mouth.  I lucked out and found a family style Mexican restaurant right across the street from my hotel that had both Caldo de Pollo, and Caldo de Res.  I saw the huge stock pots on the kitchen stove so I knew they were boiling the bones, and asked to make sure they didn’t use any bullion cubes for their broth (bullion generally has msg, chemicals, and soy).

Soup really is the perfect food.  Especially for anyone with gut issues (everyone these days) or stress, yes, including dental work.  My metal fillings were pretty shallow, so the biological dentist said it would be fine to do all 5 in one go.  I had planned to do maybe one or two so I had to check in with my gut, and it felt good, so I went ahead and had all 5 fillings changed to the “less toxic” composite fillings.

*****I had read some horror stories on the internet about a “biological” dentist in Tijuana who supposedly messed his teeth up.  I checked my gut then and realized that he was most likely a mess before he started and did not get any advise on how to best prepare for traumatic dental work.  My advise to people is to go on a very strict Weston A Price, or, if there are major health issues, the GAPS diet for 6 months – 1 year before digging into dental work.  I was ready as I’d been on the GAPS diet for 1 year already.  (I’ll add a GAPS post soon)  The GAPS diet majorly detoxifies and nourishes the body, so I felt really strong and confident I’d be ok.

“WHAT I DID TO VISUALIZE THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME FROM SUDDENLY DECIDING TO HAVE ALL 5 FILLINGS CHANGED OUT”  Normally it is advised to get only one or two fillings changed at a time to avoid toxic overload.  So the decision to have all 5 done had me more than nervous.  I hate dentist work anyway…So I went deep inside and quieted my mind and emotions as best I could. I was sitting in the chair waiting for the novocain to kick in, imagining a skillful perfect being/angel descending int the dentist’s body and that he would perform the best, most perfect job possible.   Soon the doctor walked in the room, and the woman in the next stall said to him “You are an angel!  I am so happy I chose you to work on my teeth.  I’ve been to so many dentists and you are the one who really fixed my teeth.”  Wow.  It worked!  Everything went fine.  FYI…Biological dentistry is the only way to go.  Everyone who has teeth should read “Curing Tooth Decay” about the best diet to prevent tooth decay in the first place.  Basically, the Weston A Price diet with good quality Cod Liver Oil.  Biological dentists have drills that go a lot slower than “regular” (read mean) dentists with finer drill bits and allow her/him to be super conservative, taking out only what is absolutely necessary.  They use dental dams, constant suction and water, and oxygen through the nose that all help prevent the mercury being pulverized from getting into your system.

I had brought some good Celtic Salt with me so I was able to take a bath with the salt to help me detoxify any residual mercury that may have gotten into my body.  And the delicious soup really made such a huge difference!!  For 2 days, I had Chicken soup in the morning and Beef Soup for dinner, both with extra cilantro that helps sequester toxic metals from the body, and avocado…Delicioso!!


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