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Packing your health along for the ride away from home!

Want to step up your consistency in eating the best Nourishing Foods all day, every day, at work and travel?  Check out my shop at 229 W. Miner St Yreka, CA for cookbooks and the highest quality  Nourishing supplements and foods to help you on your way to more vibrant health!

Here are the 10 easiest Nourishing Foods I keep close to me when away from home:      

Coconut oil, real salt, raw honey bear, ginger root, sauerkraut, homemade nut breads, pastured butter.  If freezer available: organic sugar free hot dogs, frozen small containers of bone broth and leftover soups.

  • Coconut oil is so easy to have around to help keep our healthy fat intake high throughout the day.  It is a very stable oil and can easily be stored out of the fridge, on my break table or in a desk drawer at work.  I’ve been working on losing weight after just going through menopause, and keeping my mind (memory) sharp with Coconut oil so I like to make sure I eat lots daily!  I sell small jars of it in my office that is very high quality.
  • Real salt  Nice to see that many mainstream grocery stores are now carrying high quality Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt.  I bought a shaker of good salt at work and in my travel pack at all times.  Sodium Chloride aka table salt, is made for industrial use, having all minerals stripped from the salt so it won’t clog up machinery… We are human beings who depend on salt, natural salt for many important functions.  Weston A Price Foundation testimony noted that salt plays a critical role in body physiology and brain function. In the elderly, lack of salt is associated with increased hip fractures and cognitive decline; low salt diets in growing children predisposes to poor neurological development.
  • Raw honey for sweetening the day in tea or on my nut bread!
  • Ginger root  for boosting digestive juices mid day.  Anyone with chronic pain and slow circulation may consider adding ginger to their diet.  If you get hot easily just peel the skin off before preparing.  Winter time and elderly may do well to keep the peel on for a warming effect.
  • Sauerkraut homemade, or a store bought kraut available in the refrigerator only…it’s raw and alive with cancer fighting digestive enzymes when still fresh made with salt rather than vinegar.  Kraut sold on store shelves is pasteurized and not what we want for health reasons.
  • Nut breads I’m still on the GAPS diet to heal a lifetime of health/gut imbalances so still not doing any grains or starches.  Once a week I make a loaf of savory and a loaf of sweet bread for sandwiches, butter spread and sweet treat (with lots of butter and/or fresh raw sour cream to help digest the nuts).
  • Pasteured organic butter keeps great in the freezer at work for eating with just about anything!  The more fat you eat, the better your blood sugar and better for staying full, eating less and emotional health!
  • Our local food Coop sells wonderful Organic, sugar free hotdogs for a quick protein lunch.  I like to heat them up in a cup of My homemade Bone Broth with plenty of coconut oil and sauerkraut for a wonderful filling lunch!
  • Leftover soup needs no words.  Always better after a couple of days, even in warm weather, this is a favorite standby for me!  Just add some of the above condiments, fresh avocado and cilantro and vueala! (Did I spell that right you Frenchies?)

Tips for storage!!

I prefer to store all my foods in tempered glass containers with plastic lids, but sometimes I run out of them so use plastic for freezing broth and leftover soups that are not acid at all.  Plastics can leach dioxins into foods triggered by the acidity in the foods, or when hot.  Make sure to cool down the broths and hot foods before putting into plastic containers, and leave plenty of head space for freezing expansion so glass stays safely intact.

Check out Mighty Nest online for lots of lunchbox possibilities and food storage products.  Pyrex and canning jars are good old American glass that is safe for food storage.

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In Health and Wellness,

Geri L Quintero

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