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Get the lead out of your cookware!

Get the lead out of your cookware! While many of us already know, it is imperative for health reasons to change out our old plastic food storage containers and plastic water bottles to TEMPERED GLASS, I never knew until just a few months ago that most dishware,...

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Keep Your Health/Nutrition In Your Own Hands

Packing your health along for the ride away from home! Want to step up your consistency in eating the best Nourishing Foods all day, every day, at work and travel?  Check out my shop at 229 W. Miner St Yreka, CA for cookbooks and the highest quality  Nourishing...

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Located in beautiful downtown Yreka, California, just 25 miles north of Mount Shasta.

Address:   229 W Miner St, Yreka, CA

Phone:  (530) 842-1000


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A word from Geri's client...


Geri works miracles for me.  I have been a faithful patient for almost two years.  She has lifted me out of the depths of weakness and poor health caused by diabetes and the treatments used in “western” medicine.  I continue to improve and am once again enjoying my life.  I am grateful that I found Geri and her healing gift when I needed them.  I would recommend her to anyone in need.”  –  Sharonne T., Yreka, Ca.