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“Geri’s expertise with acupuncture and Chinese herbs is amazing.  In 2012,  I was diagnosed with an almost totally blocked, non-functioning, atrophied, right kidney and the left was showing signs of distress.  Several weeks prior to surgery, I went to Geri for acupuncture and she also recommended Chinese herbs.  I did 2 rounds of this.  After the surgery, I met with the urologist and viewed the new pics from the ultrasound and his jaw hit the floor.  As well as having the surgery go extremely smoothly and quickly, the ultrasound now showed a completely functioning, restored kidney, although it remains slightly smaller than the left.  The left was also functioning and not compromised anymore!  3 years later, I use the herbs to prevent stones from reoccurring and I have been completely well!  The urologist stated, “I cannot discount that acupuncture and Chinese herbs have made a difference.”

I also have gone to Geri for vertigo, balancing and allergies and have had great success in all areas.  It’s truly remarkable.  For me, this has been life altering.”  – JD in Yreka

“Geri works miracles for me.  I have been a faithful patient for almost two years.  She has lifted me out of the depths of weakness and poor health caused by diabetes and the treatments used in “western” medicine.  I continue to improve and am once again enjoying my life.  I am grateful that I found Geri and her healing gift when I needed them.  I would recommend her to anyone in need.”  – Sharonne T., Yreka, Ca.

“I have been a patient of Geri’s for quite a few years for various health issues . She has always been very caring and because of her great knowledge of what she does, her treatments have always been very effective!  I would highly recommend her and her services to anyone in need.”  – Barb F., Etna, Ca.

“I have been a patient/customer of Ms. Quintero for over ten years. I suffer from some rather   serious lower spine issues. I have been to many M.Ds and orthopedists over the years (30 plus years) as well as chiropractors and physical therapists. My intention is to remain mobile and active and avoid surgical intervention as long as possible.

When I went to her I was in dire straits. I could not stand upright and was in severe pain. Her knowledge, skill, and healing hands had me on the road to recovery in about three sessions and “as good as I can get” in about three weeks.

Now, when I suffer a relapse, as I did recently, I know just where to go to get the relief I need. Yes, I follow the doctor’s orders. Yes, I take my medications. My doctor is kept apprised of the fact that I am also pursuing acupuncture and the other modalities offered at Yreka Healing Arts Studio and he is OK with working in concert with alternative treatments.

In summation, Ms. Quintero’s healing hands have been a big blessing in my life. If you have the feeling that acupuncture, medical massage, etc. may help you, I highly recommend Yreka Healing Arts.”  – Robert D. Cameron, Montague, CA


Located in beautiful downtown Yreka, California, just 25 miles north of Mount Shasta.

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