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Brigid’s Well: Healing With The Elements of Life

Host: Yolintzli (Aka Geri)
Time: Sunday 2pm to 4pm
Studio: B

I’ll be sharing stories about Traditional Foods, Chinese Medicine, and Simple Healthy living skills.

Food is how we physically and spiritually nourish ourselves, and simple changes can help us heal and stay strong for the Transition times we are going through. I draw my information from 40+ years of working with Natural Medicine, 20+ years as an acupuncturist, and over 30 years following the Good Red Road with Native American Elders from N. America and Mexico.

Fake food has been used as a weapon against us in the guise of fad diets, factory foods taking the place of healthy, natural traditional foods that have nourished our human families through the generations….These Traditional Foods are alive in many of our Grandmothers’ Kitchens, and if Grandma and Grampa have passed over, together we can access our cellular memory that, can serve as a guide back to health through delicious, nourishing food and traditions of living with the Seasons to stay well and strong.

So many weird new ‘dis-eases’ have been cropping up through lack of real nourishment. Let’s help each other remember all those “Old Wives Tales” that the so-called experts like to diss… Open to the Love and Wisdom of the Old Ones who are praying for us from the other side!!

Think good food and real medicine (natural) is too expensive? Try bad health.

Want to really get to the roots of good health, and stay strong for the storms ahead? We live in a holographic world…the scientists are finally catching up with the ancients in realizing this… and we CAN sidestep the current madness, and step into vibrant health deliciously!!

This is our Human Birthright.

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